Why Theater is Important to the Cinema Industry?


Northeast Ohio has a rich Theater history and a Theater industry. I am defining that by the fact that theaters have operating budgets, staff productions and are paid by audiences. In contrast, there is a rich filmmaking community here, but many do it for the love of the art and are unable to support themselves from their art. So while both create art, one is an industry and the other is a community.

In fact, I have been part of this filmmaking community. We spend our personal money from other jobs and resources, funding our art, when our art should fund us. Some of us wear the badge of “Starving Artist,” like it is something to be proud of.

Still, let’s connect with and learn from Theater. They have no problem with gaining sponsors and investors and creating art.  In fact, the history of Movies is connected to its connections with the stage and the reason why some of the first movie studios were in New York. A lot of stage actors were recruited for movies in the silent days. So there is a connection here with some filmmakers and actors to Theater.

I have long did theater in this town. In fact, some of my plays have been turned into movies. I did so with a play called “The Hot Rain,” which I staged at the Karamu House, the Cleveland Public Theater and later made “The Hot Rain” into a video movie. It was my first feature length movie.

So we will be listing info on Theater resources and inviting the Theater community to join our Crusade.

Just recently, I went to THE DARK ROOM a program at the Cleveland Public Theater which helps develop new works. The next monthly meeting is June 7th, 2016.

“The Dark Room is a place where writers take center stage and their work has a chance to grow. The Dark Room is an ongoing event held on the second Tuesday of each month. The Dark Room affords emerging and veteran playwrights the space and resources to develop new works. It offers a venue to workshop plays, novels, poems, or any other written work in a supportive, yet critical environment.”


Most Filmmakers will not have a connection with Theater, but I feel it is important to connect with the Theater community and thus help to erase the pride some filmmakers here have in being a Starving Artist.




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