My Story

Years ago, I won an Emmy for writing a TV movie.


I thought I was ready to launch my dream: A movie studio based on the old Hollywood studio system. So I got some money from family and friends and I shot movies. I had acted on stage at the Karamu House and worked with a local filmmaker Robert Banks and shot a short in 16mm.

Go if You Must from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo.

I figured I was ready to tackle a feature film.

Blood Kiss-trailer from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo.

Now I would love to tell you how the movie opened all kind of doors for me and it was polished and looked and sounded great, but I can’t.

I’ve always believed it was better to do something than not do anything. I also knew I had a lot to learn. Being a writer, it is just you alone and you create the world and the story. Yet, when you make a movie, you need people. I wish I had the people I needed to create what was in my head and what I could write on paper. I feel I got close when I did a TV series named “Out of Darkness.”

I felt really close and again I thought this was the way to go. Still it wasn’t. For a few years, I studied movies and business and while I was desiring to get back into shooting creatively, I wanted to see my vision done the right way. I worked as an actor on a few parts that helped me be creative. Yet, I kept coming back to this story. It haunted me. If you are creative, you know what that means. You have a story that won’t go away until you get it out to the world

I know the only way to do this by pulling on all my resources from being an artist here for many years. I also know it will take money. This is my vision, my dream, and I want it to finally come to life in the way it should.

I will still be dedicated to helping other filmmakers as the Cleveland Cinema Czar, while I work on my “passion project.”

Out-of-DARKNESS-Cleveland-1024x576 copy.jpg


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