We will never have a Film Industry Here.


For many years, we have been trying to fit ourselves into the mold of Hollywood’s movie industry. The time for that is over. Yes, we can still be a location to Hollywood movies, but we will not have a “Film Industry” here. And so what?

Robert Rodriguez has a great quote.

“There’s so much that we can learn from Rodriguez here. First and foremost is attitude. One of things that Rodriguez hammers home is that if you want to make a film, there’s not much standing in your way other than yourself. Stop wanting to be a filmmaker and start calling yourself one.”

So Cleveland, while there are those who will keep saying they want to establish a Film Industry here, I say, I have created the Cinema Industry here. It is here already. We have talent in front of the camera and behind the camera. We have egos. We have drama. We have scandals. We have some filmmakers who make money and others who spend too much money and make none back or go in debt. We have movies being made all the time here. We have an Industry here already. If some people refuse to acknowledge it because it is not the “Hollywood Movie Industry” and only see our value only as a production location, that is fine.

To all I say, welcome to the Cinema Industry.

Like the Movie Industry, the Cinema Industry is more than just one person or one production. So  I say, keep making cinema here and as Cleveland Cinema Czar, if anyone needs assistance, feel free to contact me.

“Remember, there are no Small Movies. Only Small Budgets.”



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