Who is the CINEMA CZAR?

The IMDB of the Cinema Czar


Formerly the Shaker Heights Film Czar

After careful consideration and thinking of the needs of the community, I feel that in order to be part of building the Industry here, I have to amend my title from Shaker Film Czar to CINEMA CZAR. This is a different world, and yet I do want to honor the film industry, in order for us to move forward here, we have to create our own Industry.

Contrary to what someone told me, I do know “The Film Industry.” I also know if we are ever to be part of the movie industry and have consistent production, we can not rely on one source who brings in Hollywood producers who come here to save money. Not that I blame Hollywood, every producer will go shoot anywhere when they can save money. As an indie producer, the reality is you understand Hollywood producers. Whether your budget is $2,000 or $200 million, if you have produced a movie, you go through the same steps.

We need to embrace the talent here and not focus solely on educating people for an industry that does not exist here. If we only focus on education, then we will be training a workforce for an industry in Hollywood.

So I am doing more than just taking the title CINEMA CZAR, I am doing what I can to bring consistent productions here. It will involve a number of things and that will include embracing local talent and also reaching out to the Hollywood industry. The Cinema Industry is open to anyone. So, I have thrown down the gauntlet and now is the time for action.