How to Make Movies in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cinema Czar is working on a “passion project,” but is still dedicated to helping the community. So here is a video with some thoughts on making movies in Cleveland and also plans for 2017.

Here is a very interesting article. Please read and look into all sides of it.

I feel we can learn from the country down under who has a Grant based Incentive which helps film producers but also benefits the region. And they do extremely more movies in a year then we have did in the last ten.



My Story

Years ago, I won an Emmy for writing a TV movie.


I thought I was ready to launch my dream: A movie studio based on the old Hollywood studio system. So I got some money from family and friends and I shot movies. I had acted on stage at the Karamu House and worked with a local filmmaker Robert Banks and shot a short in 16mm.

Go if You Must from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo.

I figured I was ready to tackle a feature film.

Blood Kiss-trailer from Prelude2Cinema on Vimeo.

Now I would love to tell you how the movie opened all kind of doors for me and it was polished and looked and sounded great, but I can’t.

I’ve always believed it was better to do something than not do anything. I also knew I had a lot to learn. Being a writer, it is just you alone and you create the world and the story. Yet, when you make a movie, you need people. I wish I had the people I needed to create what was in my head and what I could write on paper. I feel I got close when I did a TV series named “Out of Darkness.”

I felt really close and again I thought this was the way to go. Still it wasn’t. For a few years, I studied movies and business and while I was desiring to get back into shooting creatively, I wanted to see my vision done the right way. I worked as an actor on a few parts that helped me be creative. Yet, I kept coming back to this story. It haunted me. If you are creative, you know what that means. You have a story that won’t go away until you get it out to the world

I know the only way to do this by pulling on all my resources from being an artist here for many years. I also know it will take money. This is my vision, my dream, and I want it to finally come to life in the way it should.

I will still be dedicated to helping other filmmakers as the Cleveland Cinema Czar, while I work on my “passion project.”

Out-of-DARKNESS-Cleveland-1024x576 copy.jpg

The Cinema Czar Goes Live

Been on something called Facebook. It has good ways to connect and I think it may catch on. Here are my video streams.

OK, THE VIDEO BELOW IS NOT ME. This is Prelude2Cinema’s new “IT girl” and we thank her for promoting the company. She inspired me to do Video Streams.


Need Help Producing Your Movie?


Every actor has heard the saying, there are no small parts, only small actors. Well I say “There are no Small Movies, only Small Budgets.”

The Cleveland Cinema Czar  is ready to help  Filmmakers get the most out of their budgets.

Hollywood spends money because it can, but most indie filmmakers should know there are a lot of cases where they don’t have to spend so much or can get in-kind support. Of course to be most effective, I am only taking on a few select clients and productions. If you want to get the most out of your budget, then contact me ASAP.

The Cleveland Cinema Czar Arrives

I have to admit, it has been a while since I really wanted to attach myself to the word CLEVELAND. It is not that I am ashamed of my city. It is just, being in show biz, others don’t understand how you can stay in Cleveland and even after many years, still see the potential of this place. I find, others are so eager to turn over the potential of the movie industry here to those from “Hollywood.”

I also found over the years, I have asked “Permission” and help from those who should support my goal in wanting sustainable productions in this city. After a wake up call, and meeting the right people who are connected, I finally decided to do what I have to do.

So no more talk about what others won’t or should do, and about how others are satisfied with the status quo here.

If anything the recent days has taught us, is that yes, it is going to be hard, but you can never count us out.

So finally, I’m proud to use and claim the title